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Rubusology, A Rubus Herbarium by Keith Spurgin

Welcome to all who are in any way interested in Brambles, Blackberries, the genus Rubus! The Herbarium is a list of c. 1,000 specimens collected by enthusiasts and often named by experts. They range from Cornwall & Scilly to much of the UK. If you would like a better image please email me and I will send one. The images are Freeware, provided publication and sharing acknowledges Keith Spurgin’s Rubusology. Any comments, corrections and/or additions are welcome. I thank Alex Scheele for his expertise and kindness in designing this website and putting it online.

This site is dedicated to all those worldwide who wish to share, and explore, this newly named subject Rubusology (Brambles and Beyond), inspired by so many previous and current enthusiasts, for whom the study of Brambles has been anything from the casual interest of a few summer days to the devotion of those specialists from whom they wish to learn.

Keith Spurgin

Keith SpurginKeith Spurgin first became interested in the flowers of the field 45 years ago and ever since has studied and recorded them, written, broadcast and lectured on them as well as leading and joining hundreds of field trips. The Brambles, much loved by his friend Len Margetts, have become especially interesting and he is fortunate to be have been given many herbarium specimens by Len, Ray Gould (the majority of those shown here), Rose Murphy and others. These images are now being put online to enable them to be shared by anyone with an interest in this fascinating genus. Keith is an Emeritus Recorder for the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland, a Fellow of the Linnean Society and an Honorary Member of the Eden Florilegium. In 2016 he was awarded an MRes at Plymouth University for his study of Bramble biometrics.

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