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Bramble Literature

The list that follows is from many countries and cultures but begins with a few titles just to make a start. If there are any that you would like to see listed, please would you send details as follows:

Name of author(s)


Medium of publication (e.g. as a book, or a chapter in a book or in a journal)

Place of publication (e.g. physical as in a city, or online)

Publisher: (name of publisher)

Online address


As any researcher will know, the internet is a treasurehouse of literature, from every era of the scientific age, across diverse cultures and written in many different languages. Here is to the continued fruitful exchange of knowledge between all who share a need to learn and to help others to do the same.

Babington, C.C., 1869. The British Rubi. London: John van Voorst.

Modestly entitled an ‘attempt’, this is the first English-language publication to aim at full coverage and provide detailed descriptions. Naturally it has long lost any value as a handbook and in any event contains a good deal that has been corrected by later authors; however it is interesting historically and also has descriptive details which may still be of use to the researcher. Free on Internet Archive at:

Rogers, W.M., 1900. Handbook of British Rubi. London: Duckworth & Co.

Now long superseded but an important bridge between the concepts of C.C. Babington and those of C20th writers including W.C. Barton, H.J. Riddelsdell, F. Rilstone, W.C.R. Watson, E.S. Edees, A. Newton, P.D. Sell, D.E. Allen and R.D. Randall. Free on Internet Archive at:

Spurgin, K.L. 2016. Are biometrics useful in discriminating between closely related Rubus L. taxa? A thesis submitted to Plymouth University in partial fulfilment for the degree of Research Masters.

Copyright owned by the author.

Spurgin, K.L. 2018. Index and synonymy to W.M. Rogers’s Handbook of British Rubi (1900). Published here.

This was written before a free and searchable pdf of Rogers’s Handbook became available thanks to the Internet Archive (as linked above). Students may still find the synonymy useful. Freeware subject to acknowledgement of source.

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