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Rubus L. Species

The following are files of Rubus species about which I have collected information.

The first and only one on this day, 17th May 2018, is R. cornubiensis (Rogers ex Riddelsd.) Rilstone. This is fitting, as Francis Rilstone (1881-1953) lived only a few miles from where I sit and type this introduction. He named (if I have counted aright) 16 species and his will be next to be loaded on the site.

While the list begins with Cornwall (whence cornubiensis) it will as it lengthens include everything I can glean from Britain and Ireland. Should you have a particular interest please let me know and I will try to place it among the next to be added to the list.

Any corrections, additions or elaborations will be gratefully received and I look forward to hearing from anyone with an interest in the Brambles.

With best wishes to All,

Keith Spurgin

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R. cornubiensis (Rogers ex Riddelsd.) Rilstone

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